Darrow Farm is a friendly, family run fishery. Our policy is to be fair and honest with all visitors to the fishery. For this reason the rules below are minimal and sensible. We do not want to ask any anglers to leave the fishery unnecessarly, so please read the rules carefully. They are in place to purely protect the fish and to maximise your enjoyment.

All Landing Nets, Unhooking Mats, and Slings are provided. On no account bring any of these to the Fishery.

1) No driving on the grass around the lake. Please park in designated car park and ALWAYS close all gates behind you when entering the fishery.

2) A responsible adult must accompany all anglers under the age of 16.

3) Only one non fishing guest is allowed per angler. Visitors are allowed on to the fishery briefly during the day, never at night (between 9pm-7am summer hours and 5pm-8am winter hours).

4) Up to two rods are allowed. Marker rods must be reeled in once your spot has been selected and baited. Never leave rods unattended without a remote sounder, and no more than one swim away. You must have the appropriate E. A. Licence to cover these.

5) No bait boats. No surface or zig fishing.

6) The unhooking mats provided must be used at all times. Please keep the fish soaking wet when on the bank, and out of the water for the minimum time. Please treat all hook holds and any sores on the fish with the carp care kit provided in the pocket of the unhooking mat.

7) No sacking of fish is allowed, unless an angler has special, written permission. The Floating Retainer Slings provided can be used for a maximum of 30 mins whilst sorting cameras, weigh scales etc.

8) No rowing boats, lilo’s, wading, swimming, guns, fires, loud radios, drugs or heavy drinking will not be tolerated.

9) Dogs are allowed but must be kept on a lead and under full control. All dog mess must be cleared up immediately.

10) Freezer Boilies Only. All other baits are banned, this includes in solid/mesh pva bags and sticks, however pva can be used with freezer boilies. Hookbaits such as pop ups and wafters are allowed. No artificial baits.

11) Micro barbed and barbless hooks only. Permanently fixed leads are not allowed, they must break free with minimum of force. On helicopter, running and in-line rigs the lead must be able to easily pass over any leader knot. All rigs and leaders must be completely safe. If in doubt, please ask one of are friendly bailiffs for advice. RIG CHECKS WILL BE CARRIED OUT RANDOMLY BY OUR BAILIFFS AT ANY TIME.

12) All carp captures are to be weighed, and good quality photographs of both sides to be sent to the bailiff. (07737533146)

13) No fish to be brought or taken from the fishery. All fish must be returned alive. The fishery operates 24hr surveillance.

14) The fishery is on private property, so you should do nothing to disturb others, make no noise and keep lights at night to a minimum. Please do not trespass around any of the surrounding farmland or buildings.

15) Do not damage or cut any trees or vegetation without consent. No swim building or clearing is permitted. Fishing from named swims only. No climbing of trees.

16) An angler can only occupy one swim at any one time. No reserving of swims. Please be responsible where you cast.

17) Please use toilet provided, not the bushes.

18) NO LITTER (Including cigarette butts and tea bags) – PLEASE TAKE IT WITH YOU – THANK YOU.

19) Darrow Farm Fishery reserve the right to change the rules and conditions if deemed necessary. Darrow Farm Fishery accept no responsibility for any injury, illness or damage to persons or property in connection with the facilities provided at the fishery.