Darrow Farm Fishery was created in 2016, and is a specially designed 3.2 acre lake set on the working family farm. A huge amount of effort and thought have gone into the construction of this venue, to ensure all anglers experience good quality day ticket fishing for special specimen carp.

The lake has been stocked with 115 hand-picked carp ranging between 10-27lb from three of the leading UK fish farmers, and my own stock ponds. This insures we have a mixture top quality carp strains with proven genetics (strains stocked include Fishers Pond, Harrow, Leney’s, Sutton’s, and Dinkesbuehl). We’ve deliberately done this so you never know what type of fish is on the end of your line next.

The mixture of fish stocked ensures many linears, heavily and sparsely plated mirrors, leathers and long deep powerfully commons. They are also very fast growing, the fish caught so far have showed an average weight gain of 4-5lb, with one fish in particular doing an incredible 9lb! The current average is between 24 to 30lb+ with at least 18 fish over 30lbs. The lake record currently stands at 41lbs.

There are 9 well-drained, spacious, comfortable swims on the lake with excellent access from our all weather path around the entire lake. One swim is a purpose built double for those of you who like a social. Each swim has been purposely designed so they all have there own private water, and unique features to attract and hold the carp.

The average depth of the lake is 5-6ft with some deeper 9ft gulleys, 4ft bars and plateaus to make the fishing interesting. The margins have been planted with many types of reed and sedge along with some lily pads to create excellent margin sport and stalking opportunities.