The main Fishery gate opens at 7am and is locked at 9pm, except in the winter months between 1st November – End of February, when it will open at 8am and locked at 5pm. Please bear in mind your car will be locked in the fishery car park overnight, if this is not suitable please advise when booking and an alternative parking space will be provided.

24 hr sessions run from 8am to 8am in the summer and 9am to 9am in the winter. 12 hr/day sessions run from 8am to 8pm in summer and 9am to 5pm in winter. Overnight sessions run from 8pm to 8am in the summer and 5pm to 9am in the winter.

You may start fishing your chosen swim as soon as you arrive if it is empty otherwise you need to wait patiently until the previous angler has left the swim and your session starts.

Only anglers fishing throughout the night (plus one non angling guest) are allowed on the fishery between 9pm-7am in summer and 5pm-8am winter time.

Fishing Strictly Pre-Booking Only. To book a session please call Will Farrer on 07737533146 or Direct Message via our Social Media channels.